Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gear do you use?

What I use will depend on the type of project. For live concert recording I record to an Alesis HD-24, with 8 channels of Focusrite AD/DI/Mic Pres and 16 channels of Behringer AD/DI/Mic Pres. When recording in a rehearsal space or house, I use a 24 channel Allen & Heath GL3 console into the HD24, allowing for up to four separate headphone mixes for the artists. I have a variety of mics for different purposes and mix using Apple's Logic Pro or Avid's Pro Tools, with a list of third party plugins including Waves, Roger Nichols and others.

How much will my project cost?

Cost depends greatly on the scope of the project - whether it involves recording, mixing, editing, how prepared the artist is for the session, and other considerations will make a difference. Email or call for an estimate.

Will you record the band together or one member at a time?

It depends on your needs. I am set up to record up to 24 tracks at once, plenty to record an entire band, and have plenty of cable if we need to put members of the group in separate areas or rooms. If you would prefer recording one person at a time, that is just as possible, but will probably add some time to the project.

How and when do we pay for the session?

I accept cash or paypal payments, at the time of service for a one day project or for each day projects which will take several sessions. For mixing services, payment is due when the finished project is delivered.

Will you keep a back up of my project?

I keep back ups of everything I do (at no extra cost to the client), unless otherwise requested.